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Denim Shorts 101: Finding the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts and How to Style Them

by Ashley Smith-Neily 02 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Denim shorts have become an essential staple in everyone's wardrobe due to their casual and laid-back appeal and their versatility and timelessness. But with so many different types of denim shorts available today, it can be overwhelming to navigate the options and find the perfect pair that suits your style. 

In this blog post, we will dive into the world of denim shorts, exploring the various types, cuts, and styles that are trending this season. Whether you're looking for a pair of classic high-waisted shorts, distressed cutoffs, or even chic and tailored options, we've got you covered. Keep reading for outfit ideas and inspiration to elevate your summer wardrobe. 

Types of Denim Shorts

When it comes to denim shorts, there are various types available, each with its own unique style and characteristics. Here are some of the different types of denim shorts: 

  1. Classic Denim Shorts: Classic denim shorts are the timeless go-to option. They typically feature a medium-rise waist and a straight or slightly tapered leg. These shorts offer a versatile and casual look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 
  2. High-Waisted Denim Shorts: High-waisted denim shorts have gained popularity in recent years. They sit above the natural waistline, accentuating the curves and creating a vintage-inspired aesthetic. High-waisted shorts offer a flattering fit and can be paired with crop tops or tucked-in blouses for a chic and feminine look. 
  3. Distressed Denim Shorts: Distressed denim shorts feature intentional rips, tears, or frayed edges, adding a rugged and edgy look to your outfit. These shorts bring a touch of rebellion and can be paired with a variety of tops, from band t-shirts to breezy blouses, for an effortlessly cool and laid-back style. 
  4. Bermuda Denim Shorts: Bermuda denim shorts have a longer length, typically reaching just above the knee or mid-thigh. They offer a more modest option while still providing the comfort and style of denim shorts. Bermuda shorts can be dressed up with a blazer and heels for a semi-formal look or paired with sneakers and a casual top for a relaxed vibe. 
  5. Paper Bag Denim Shorts: Paper bag denim shorts have a high-waisted design with a gathered or ruffled waistband, resembling the cinched look of a paper bag. Paper bag denim shorts often have a slightly looser and more relaxed fit around the waist and hips, thanks to the gathered waistband. This gives them a billowy and slightly oversized appearance. Paper bag denim shorts, are perfect for casual occasions and can be styled to create a more elevated and fashionable look.  
  6. Low-Rise Denim Shorts: Low-rise denim shorts sit below the natural waistline, giving a more relaxed and laid-back vibe. These shorts are ideal for those who prefer a hip-hugging fit and a carefree, casual style. They can be paired with loose-fitting tops or graphic t-shirts for a comfortable and trendy outfit. 
  7. Boyfriend Denim Shorts: Boyfriend denim shorts are known for their relaxed and slightly oversized fit. They mimic the look of borrowing shorts from a boyfriend or wearing men's shorts. These shorts offer a comfortable and effortless style and can be paired with fitted or oversized tops for a balanced and relaxed ensemble. 

How to Style Denim Shorts 


Denim Shorts and a Tank Top  



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Casual and Effortless: Pair your denim shorts with a tank top and sneakers for a laid-back and comfortable look.  

Classy Date Night: For a dressier occasion, pair your denim shorts with a dressier tank top in a luxurious fabric such as silk or satin. Choose a tank with delicate details like lace, ruffles, or sequins to elevate the look. Tuck in the tank top and add heels or strappy sandals for an elegant touch. Finish the outfit with statement jewelry and a clutch for a classy date night ensemble. 


Denim Shorts and a Bodysuit  




SHOP THIS OUTFIT: Bodysuit // Denim Shorts // Knit Tote Bag

Casual and Effortless: Pair your denim shorts with a basic, solid-colored bodysuit for a casual and effortless style. Complete the outfit with sneakers or flat sandals for a relaxed and comfortable ensemble. 

Sleek and Sophisticated: For a more polished and sophisticated look, pair your denim shorts with a form-fitting bodysuit. Choose a bodysuit with a high neck for added elegance. Complete the outfit with high heels or sleek ankle boots for a stylish and chic look. 

Denim Shorts and a Blazer  



Casual Chic: Combine your denim shorts with an oversized or boyfriend-style blazer for a chic and relaxed outfit. Layer a simple tank top or a fitted t-shirt underneath. Roll up the blazer sleeves for a laid-back vibe. Complete the look with sneakers, ankle boots, or flat sandals for a stylish and comfortable outfit. 

More Styling Ideas: For a sophisticated business casual outfit pair your denim shorts with a tailored blazer in a classic color such as black, navy, or gray. Choose a blazer with a structured fit and polished details. Wear a crisp white button-down shirt as your top to create a more professional look. Complete the outfit with closed-toe heels or loafers for a sophisticated business casual ensemble.  

Denim Shorts and a Graphic Tee  



Effortless Street Style: Pair your denim shorts with a graphic tee featuring a bold design or statement slogan. Keep the look relaxed by choosing an oversized or slouchy tee. Complete the outfit with sneakers or chunky boots and accessorize with a denim jacket or a bomber jacket for a trendy street style vibe 

More Styling Ideas: For an edgier look, combine your denim shorts with a graphic tee featuring a rock band or a punk-inspired design. Choose a distressed or ripped pair of denim shorts to enhance the grunge aesthetic. Add a leather or denim jacket, and accessorize with studded or chunky jewelry. Finish the look with combat boots or platform sneakers for an edgy and rebellious style. 

Denim Shorts and a Corset   



Chic and Sophisticated: Pair your denim shorts with an off-the-shoulder corset for a fashionable and dressy outfit. Choose a corset with a sweetheart neckline and feminine details. Pair the outfit with high heels and accessorize with a clutch and statement earrings for an elevated and stylish look. 

More Styling Ideas: Combine your denim shorts with a basic t-shirt and layer a under boob corset on top. Pair the outfit with heels or platform sneakers and accessories.  

Denim Shorts and a White Button Up  


SHOP THIS OUTFIT: Tank Top // Denim Shorts // White Button Up

Layered over a Crop Top: Layer your white button-up shirt over a crop top and your denim shorts for a casual outfit.  Combine with sandals or sneakers for a stylish and layered look 

Tied at the Waist: Wear your denim shorts with a white button-up shirt tied at the waist for a casual and laid-back style. Pair the outfit with sneakers or flat sandals for a relaxed and effortless look. 

Front Tuck: Tuck the front of your white button-up shirt into your denim shorts for a clean and polished appearance. Leave the back of the shirt untucked to create a relaxed vibe. This styling technique works well for both fitted and oversized shirts. Complete the outfit with sandals, loafers, or ankle boots for a versatile and sophisticated ensemble. 

Off-the-Shoulder: Create a feminine and summery look by wearing your white button-up shirt off the shoulder. Leave the top few buttons undone and slide the shirt down to expose your shoulders. Pair it with high-waisted denim shorts for a balanced silhouette. Add sandals or wedges, and accessorize with statement earrings and a straw hat for a chic and breezy outfit. 

Denim Shorts and a Crop Top  



Casual and Effortless: Pair your denim shorts with a basic solid-colored crop top for a laid-back and casual look. Complete the outfit with flat sandals, sneakers, or ankle boots for a comfortable and effortless vibe. Accessorize with a crossbody bag, sunglasses, and a simple necklace for a touch of style. 

Chic and Sophisticated: Dress up your denim shorts by combining them with a dressier crop top. Complete the ensemble with heels or strappy sandals, and accessorize with a statement bag and minimal jewelry for a sophisticated and chic outfit. 

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