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5 Day-to-Night Outfit Ideas: Transitional Wardrobe Staples

by Ashley Smith-Neily 20 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Ever-changing routines along with the arrival of summer aka social season, without question, demands even greater flexibility from our wardrobe. Pieces you can restyle in moments are essential. I am  here to help! I have 5 different staple outfits (that you might already have in your wardrobe) that can be easily transitioned from day to night.  

Lets start with some tips to make any outfit fancier: 

  • Heels – Hands down the best way to dress up an outfit — any outfit! — is to add a pair of heels. I know heels can be intimidating for some but you don’t have to wear 6 inch stilettos, you can wear wedges, slide heels, booties. Any type of heel will instantly elevate your outfit. So find a heel that is comfortable for you.  
  • Cinch in your waist –  Add a belt, a blazer, a tie, corset anything to help create shape will take your outfit to the next level.  
  • Accessories  – Another easy and sure-fire way to dress up an outfit is with accessories. A statement necklace, statement earring, rings, or some arm candy will spice it right up. You can also add a shoulder bag or clutch to your outfit to dress it up.  
  • Makeup – You don’t have to do a full glam if you don’t want to but adding a color lipstick, filling in your eyebrows, adding lashes or mascara will make you look fancier in no time. 

The Jumpsuit

white jumpsuit
White Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits is the easiest item to transition from day to night. A simple jumpsuit can be styled to fit multiple occasions. You can wear a jumpsuit with sneakers and a flannel or denim jacket for a casual day time look and them add some heels and a shoulder bag for a simple night time outfit  


Button Up Top + Jeans  

She is in front of stairs wearing a tan button up top and distressed high waist mom jeans

Stripped Button Up // Ankle Mom Jeans 

For a classy casual day time outfit throw on a button up top and jeans or shorts, sandals and a shoulder bag and you are out the door. To make the outfit more fancy for a dinner switch your sandals to wedges. 


Crop top + Jeans  

She is in front of stairs wearing a white crop top and ankle mom jeans and white cat eye sunglasses

White Crop Top // Ankle Mom Jeans 

A crop top and jeans is the perfect outfit for day time errands, picnic with the family etc. After all your day time activities  you don't need to go home and change. Have some slide on heels in your car and throw them on, add a necklace, sunglasses and a cute bag. Now you have a whole night look! ⁠ 


The Little Black Dress   

black midi dress


Everyone should have a little black dress. You can easily transition a casual black dress to an elegant night outfit quickly by adding some heels. During the day you can style your dress with a denim jacket and wedges and at night take off your denim jacket add a red lip and you are all set.   


The Shirtdress 

oversized white button up top

Oversized Long Sleeve White Button Up 

While the shirtdress may seem more casual, it’s actually quite versatile and can easily be transitioned into a night time look. When transitions a shirtdress from day to night it's important to pay attention to your accessories. It can be as simple as wearing sneakers during the day and throwing on thigh high boots at night. If you want to really elevate the outfit add a corset to cinch in your waste and add some shape to the shirt.  

Day To Night Hand Bags  

Just like your outfit can be transitioned from day to night a handbag can also be transitioned from day to night. Just remember for a more casual outfit wear a cross body bag for a fancier look wear a shoulder bag or a clutch. Here are three bags that can easily be transitioned from day to night. 

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