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9 Ways to Style Mom Jeans

by Ashley Smith-Neily 01 Jun 2022 0 Comments

The days of struggling to get into a pair of skinny jeans are over. Loose-fitting mom jeans are here to save the day. They were mostly worn back in the 90's but in recent years they have made a comeback and they are here to stay. Mom Jeans are normally cinched up at your waist and have a loose relaxed fix on the legs making them comfortable and flattering. Mom Jeans are really easy to style and are super versatile making it easy to take your daytime look to an evening look. If you’re looking for more ways to style your mom jeans or wondering what to wear with them altogether, here are some ideas to get you started: 

 Add a Basic White Crop Top  


Black women wearing light wash ankle mom jeans, white cropped tank, white cat eye sunglasses

Mom Jeans // White Crop Top  // White Cat Eye Sunglasses

One of the easiest ways to style mom jeans is to pair them with a basic white crop top or tee because basic white crop tops are a closet staple every woman should already have one (or two) in their closet. Basic white crop tops are super comfortable and versatile so you can wear it with anything including mom jeans. 

Since mom jeans have a loose relaxed fit pairing them with a fitted white crop top will give you a cleaner more balanced look. You can add some personality and glam to the outfit by adding heels and accessories.   

However, if you like that super casual look, you could go for a more oversized white crop top which will still be flattering since the jeans are cinched around the waist.  

Mariah (above) shows us just how well a plain white crop can look with some ankle mom jeans and some heels. She is also wearing some cat eye sunglasses which  adds a little personality to the outfit.  

Tuck in Your Button Downs 

Black women wearing light wash mom jeans, stripped button down top

Mom Jeans // White Cat Eye Sunglasses

A loose fitting button-down shirt tucked into your mom jeans will add an effortless touch. 

Bottom down shirts whether fitted or oversize are timeless and versatile. Whether you choose a solid or stripped button down tucking in to your mom jeans will give you an effortless chic look. Add a fedora hat for a fun weekend outfit.  

Mariah (above) is paired some light wash distressed denim mom jeans with a lightweight flowy nude stripped button down top. This effortless chic outfit is perfect for spring.  

Add a leather jacket for an edgy look  

Styling Mom jeans with a green leather moto jacket, light wash mom jeans, tan sleeveless body suit, black heels, denim crossbody purse

Mom Jeans // Denim Handbag 

For an edgy look pair your mom jeans with a leather jacket. There are many different styles and colors of leather jackets but a simple black leather jacket is a closet must have and will never go out of style. Adding a leather jacket takes and outfit from simple to edgy, it instantly makes you look like you put a ton of effort into your outfit. 


Express yourself with a Graphic Tee 

Styling Mom jeans with graphic tee,  light wash mom jeans, nike sneakers, black purse

Mom Jeans 

Graphic Tee's are a great way to express yourself and bring out your personality. Whether you choose to wear a graphic tee or a message tee you will effortlessly capture the attention of the people around you. Pair your mom jeans with an oversized graphic tee and a clean pair of white sneakers for a casual street style outfit  while still being comfortable for everyday life. 


Accentuate Your Shape in a Body Suit 

Outfit inspiration, light wash mom jeans, sleeveless white body suit, white sandels, white cat eye sunglasses, sage cross body purse

Mom Jeans // White Cat Eye Sunglasses // Sage Green Crossbody Bag 

A mom jean and bodysuit combo is just the confidence-boosting look you need. Whether you choose to pair your mom jeans with an actual body suit or tuck in a top the focus will be on your waist and give you that hourglass figure illusion since mom jeans typically cinch your waist then widen around the hips.  Pairing mom jeans with a body suit  is a great way to show off your figure while still giving you the option to layer. 

Double Up On Denim 

Women's Outfit Inspiration light wash mom jeans, white cropped top, cropped denim jacket, sage crossbody purse

Mom Jeans  // Sage Green Crossbody Bag 

Denim on denim is a fun laid back style. You can choose to pair your mom jeans with a denim jacket or a denim top.  You can also choose to wear the same wash denim or mix the washes. Just keep in mind which shades flatter your body. Lighter wash denim draws more attention to the specific body parts while darker denim have a more slimming effect.  


Layer with a Button Up 

Styling mom jeans. Light Wash Mom Jeans, Long sleeve button down, mutil color green crop top, green sandals, sage green cross body purse

 Mom Jeans // Sage Green Crossbody Bag  // Similar White Button Down 

With a Sweater 

Outfit Inspiration, Light wash Mom jeans Yellow cropped sweater, yellow converse, white Michael kors crossbody purse


Mom Jeans 

On colder days pairing your mom jeans with a knit sweater will give you a comfortable and warm outfit.  If you plan on tucking your sweater into your mom jeans make sure the sweater that is not too long so you can avoid you jeans bulging. Mom jeans paired with a sweater is the perfect comfortable casual outfit for days when you are going to be running errands and would be the perfect airport outfit.  You can also dress up with look by adding a pair of heels and accessories to the look.  


Add a level of sophistication with a blazer  

Outfit Inspiration Pink women's blazer white crop top light wash mom jeans pink heels

Mom Jeans 

Pair you mom jeans with a blazer to add a level of sophistication to your outfit. A blazer and mom jeans is a timeless combo can fit so many occasions. Whether you are going to brunch, date night, casual Friday in the office a blazer and mom jeans combo would be the perfect outfit option. For a dressier brunch outfit go for a bright colored blazer and add a pair of heels and statement handbag to complete the look. For a mom laid back outfit pair your muted color blazer and mom jeans with sneakers.  

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