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Easy Ways to Style a Classic Black Turtleneck

by Ashley Smith-Neily 24 Oct 2022 0 Comments

The turtleneck is one of those pieces that has been around for decades and will continue to be in fashion for decades to come. It's no secret that a black turtleneck is the most popular turtleneck because it goes with, well, anything. A turtleneck is your basic layering piece for winter, but it can also look chic styled on its own for fall. The black turtleneck is a go-to option for fashion lovers everywhere—especially when they find themselves at a loss for what to wear. But the style has also become synonymous with everyday basics, which means standard black-turtleneck outfits can often feel a little lackluster. 

Luckily, when it comes to styling simple basics, no one does it quite like The Style DistrictAnd just in case you needed more ideas for how to style the classic black turtleneck, you’ll find nearly a dozen ways to do so below. Don’t be surprised if you end up reaching for the turtleneck style over and over again.   

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With Jeans + a Moto Jacket


Black turtleneck bodysuit with medium wash mom jeans and a black leather jacket

Shop This Outfit: Medium Wash Mom Jeans // Mock Neck Bodysuit

For the cool girl look layer on a leather jacket over your turtleneck. Just make sure your turtleneck isn’t too thick to feel uncomfortable or bulky underneath the tapered fit of a moto jacket. For the bottoms we choose a classic dark wash mom jeans and leather booties.  

With a Midi Skirt 

Black turtleneck bodysuit with leopard print midi skirt and thigh high boots

Mock Neck Bodysuit

A turtleneck is a great idea for styling an eye-catchy skirt – it can be of bold material or print. Tucking your turtleneck into a skirt will allow the skirt to stand out and you will look stylish and chic. Finish off the look with some tall boots, minimal jewelry and a tote bag for a fashionable winter outfit.  

Style TipYou can also wear an oversized turtle neck sweater and tuck it into the midi skirt. This combination is a great example of how using texture can really make an outfit. A soft knit turtleneck sweater with a slinky silk skirt is the perfect fall evening outfit. Pair the look with boots and tights when the weather gets colder. 

With Cargo Pants 

Black turtleneck bodysuit with wide leg cargo pants and fur shoulder bag

Mock Neck Bodysuit

Dress up your baggy cargo pants by pairing it with a turtleneck. Tuck it into your favorite pair of cargo pants, add a chic handbag, earrings, and heels or heeled booties. 

With Jeans + Cardigan 

Black turtleneck bodysuit with light wash mom jeans, long heather grey cardigan and grey square bag

Shop This Outfit: Mock Neck Bodysuit // Grey Sqaure Handbag // Grey cardigan 

A turtleneck with jeans and a cardigan is a timeless effortlessly chic combination that can be worn all winter long. Take your turtleneck and wear it with jeans, layer on a cardigan and a pair of boots and you are all set.  You can also shake up this look simply by wearing different boots, such as over-the-knee boots, riding boots, combat boots, or booties, or different jeans from loose and distressed to sleek and dark-washed. 

With Faux-Leather Pants 

Black turtleneck bodysuit with leather pants and olive green shoulder bag

Shop This Outfit: Mock Neck Bodysuit // Faux Leather Pants // olive shoulder bag

When it comes to fall and winter staples faux leather pants and turtlenecks are high on the list. Pairing a turtleneck with faux leather pants creates the ultimate outfit; it’s warm, cute, comfortable, and versatile. For a chic monochromatic look by pair a black turtleneck with black faux leather pants. Finish off the look by adding a pop of color handbag and heels for a chic date night outfit.  

With Wide-leg Trousers  

Black turtleneck bodysuit, green wide leg pants, black tote bag

Mock Neck Bodysuit

Wearing a solid-colored, slim-fit turtleneck to the office is a no-brainer. It’s always appropriate and pairs well with every style of workwear bottoms from skirts to pants. To create a look that’s on-trend and powerful, wear your turtleneck with a pair of wide-leg trousers and heels. This look is fitting for more than just the office, though. It can take you to a nice dinner, or even a holiday party.     

Style Tip: With a business casual outfit, you want to avoid too many fitted items. So opt for a fitted turtleneck with wide-leg trousers, or under a relaxed suit. Don’t forget your details; adding a few select accessories can elevate a business casual outfit tenfold. 

Under a Trench Coat 

Black turtleneck bodysuit, black skinny jeans, fur shoulder bag, long trench coat

Mock Neck Bodysuit // Faux Fur Shoulder Bag 

When the temperatures are too cold to leave the house without a coat, it can feel pointless to put on something cute underneath. But when you wear a turtleneck, it can peek out above the collar of your coat to not only keep your neck warm but also show off your style. Pair a basic white or black turtle neck with a colored or printed coat. If you are wearing a traditional black or camel color trench coat you can play around with a fun print or color turtleneck so it pops beneath your winter coat. You can finish off the outfit with your favorite booties and accessories.  

Under a Blazer 

Black turtleneck bodysuit, high waist mom jeans, grey blazer, black tote bag

Shop This Outfit: Medium Wash Mom Jeans // Mock Neck Bodysuit

A black turtleneck can easily dress up any casual outfit, including one with a blazer and jeans. Blazers are perfect for layering when it is not too cold or for in the office. Show off your printed jacket by layering it over a black long sleeve turtleneck. You can wear combat boots for a more edgy outfit or wear sneakers for a more casual outfit.  

Style Tip: Pair an oversized blazer with a fitted turtleneck and straight leg jeans. But if you have a chunky knit turtleneck with an oversized or loose blazer, try a more fitted pant. You want to make sure part of your figure is visible or highlighted so your outfit doesn’t look like it’s consuming you. Another way to accomplish this is to tuck in the turtleneck and add a belt to highlight your waist. 

With a Mini Skirt 

Black turtleneck bodysuit, red mini skirt, thigh high boots

Mock Neck Bodysuit

While midi skirts are great for family gatherings and anything work-related, mini skirts are fitting for a festive occasion or night out. For a streamlined look that’s elevated, yet fun, pair a mini skirt with a fitted turtleneck, and tall boots.  

With Shorts 

Black turtleneck bodysuit with light wash denim shorts, black thigh high boots, grey trench coat

Turtlenecks are also the perfect item for transitional weather. Pair your black turtleneck with your favorite summer shorts. Add some boots and minimal jewelry for a chic look. For cooler nights you can also add a long coat.  

With Joggers 

Black turtleneck bodysuit with wide leg grey joggers, white air force ones

Mock Neck Bodysuit

Turtlenecks can also help add some sophistication to an athleisure look. We all want to look comfortable AND chic, and adding a turtleneck can make an outfit consisting of comfortable basics way more intentional. For this outfit pair your fitted black turtleneck with some joggers and add some accessories to complete the outfit. 

Style tip: For an  easy ensemble to wear to the airport? Pair your turtleneck with a pair of joggers and a trench coat. This look is super comfortable, chic and will keep you warm.  

With leggings  

Black turtleneck bodysuit with black leggings and cropped denim jacket

Mock Neck Bodysuit // Faux Fur Shoulder Bag 

Create your own set by paring your black bodysuit with matching leggings. For a litter more warmth  layer on a denim jacket and wear with your favorite fur lined shoes. You can dress the look up by adding heels and a fedora hat, or you can keep it more casual with sneakers.  

Under a Shift Dress

Black turtleneck bodysuit, leopard satin dress, black suede boots  

Mock Neck Bodysuit

Wear your favorite dresses in the fall and winter by layering a turtle neck underneath. Pull on your bodysuit turtleneck and throw your dress on over it. Wearing your turtleneck underneath a dress can add so much sophistication to the mini dress and it can also help transition some of your favorite summery styles into fall and winter. Add warmth to your legs as well with a pair of tights and boots. This layered look is classic yet unique and fun to play around with.    

A turtleneck is an easy way to add more depth to your outfit and you shouldn’t be afraid to layer pieces together. Comment which outfit is your favorite. 

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