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How to Style Your Jumpsuits for Fall

by Ashley Smith-Neily 27 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Fall styling is filled with great layering and creativity. All you need is one good piece for the fun to begin, like a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits for fall are so popular, they’re the perfect transition clothing for when those blazing summer days start turning into steamy nights. You can wear a jumpsuit any time of day, from early morning to late evening, without having to worry about what you should be wearing in between.  Keep reading for ways to you can easily style your jumpsuit this fall and winter.  


Layer, Layer, Layer  

Navy jumpsuit with grey cardigan

If you are wearing a short sleeve jumpsuit, a sleeveless jumpsuit, or a tank top jumpsuit, you can try out different layering combinations for An easy way to style your jumpsuit for fall and winter   
Leather Jacket  
The leather jacket is an essential piece of clothing for every wardrobe. From the classic moto jacket to cozy shearling styles, no outfit can’t benefit from some leather outerwear. Pair a black leather jacket with a black jumpsuit for a chic monochromic outfit. The versatility of a black leather jacket and a black jumpsuit means you'll always have them on permanent rotation.  
Since they’re more lightweight than a typical coat, a shacket is the perfect to layer over your jumpsuit for fall days. Pair your jumpsuit with a long plaid shacket booties and lots of accessories for a classic fall look.  
Jean Jacket
A denim jacket is a basic essential that will never go out of style. A denim jacket can easily be layered over any jumpsuit. What’s great about a denim jacket and jumpsuit combo, is that you can wear it casual or dressy.  
If it’s a crisp, 60-degree day, pair your jumpsuit with a long knit cardigan. The extra length of the cardigan will give the outfit a totally different feel than a short one, and it will keep you warm on chilly days. Finish the outfit with booties and a tote bag for an elevated, cozy vibe. 

Accessorize Like a Pro  

Olive Green Jumpsuit

Several accessories can go with your jumpsuit, including necklaces, belts, bracelets, handbags, and more. Try these on and mix and match add-ons to bring an accent to your jumpsuit. 
Statement Handbags 
Different bags—from totes to clutches—are appropriate for different occasions. If you have handbags in varied styles and colors, you’ll always have a unique way to style your jumpsuit. 
If you love solid colored jumpsuits, handbags can also be a great way to add a pop of color to  your outfit. Pairing your jumpsuit with handbags with different shapes and textures can elevate your outfit. 
Belts are a great way to accentuate your fique, style an outfit or add color to an outfit. Belts are perfect to cinch those flowy wide leg jumpsuits and accentuate your waistline. When wearing a white jumpsuit or another solid-color jumpsuit, a colorful belt can act as a statement piece to make your outfit pop while also creating an hourglass silhouette. 
Statement jewelry  
Jewelry can bring an entire outfit together, complementing the color and style. When choosing which jewelry to pair with your jumpsuit, you’ll want to consider the occasion. Jewelry can be a way to dress up a jumpsuit or make the jumpsuit outfit more casual. For a more formal event like a wedding, cocktail party, or date night, pair your jumpsuit with elegant jewelry pieces. For a more every day casual outfit pair your jumpsuit with simple jewelry pieces  
Felt hats 
Whether you love berets or fedoras, a felt hat just says “fall”. For a chic fall outfit pair a long sleeve jumpsuit with a fedora hat and booties. Slouchy styles add a casual feel (think beanies or unshaped berets). For an casual fall outfit pair your jumpsuit with a denim jacket, beanie and sneakers.  

Boot it up  

Adding a pair of boots to your jumpsuits  instantly gives your look a “fall feel.” There are some many different types of boots which means you will have a lot of different ways to style your jumpsuit this fall.  
Ankle boots – Easy, casual, yet chic, the ankle boot is an excellent icebreaker for fall style. By cutting you off at the ankle, these leather or suede booties can easily be paired with your jumpsuit. 
Knee-high boots  
The quintessential fall boot, knee-highs are sophisticated yet fun. Pair your jumpsuit with a classic brown or black leather pair to take your outfit instantly into fall. 
Thigh-high boots  
Thigh-high boots are a chic and sensual footwear option for the fall. Even better, they’re very long silhouette pairs amazingly with jumpsuits.  
Combat boots   
These military-style boots are a fall daytime staple for many. Pair your jumpsuit with combat boots add an edge to your outfit. 

As you can see you can’t go wrong with a good jumpsuit in the fallJumpsuits are such a universal piece of clothing. By adding a few additional items, you can wear your jumpsuit for almost any occasion. Your go to day time piece can easily become your favorite night out outfit. 

Let me know how you like to style your jumpsuit. 

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